Designing for Tony Adigun

Tony Adigun and Bettina John met for the first time in 2014 when they were working on a dance piece for The Place in London. Tony Adigun is the founder and artistic director of cutting edge hip-hop youth dance company AvantGarde Dance. Both have since collaborated on several productions.

“Area Squared”

Tony Adigun choreographed this 30-minutes long piece commissioned by the dance school and venue The Place. It is a fast pace, haunting and epic piece accompanied by progressive and eclectic music. The choreography represents yet again Tony Adigun’s iconic style that he has developed with his Avantgarde Dance company.

With the costumes for Area Squared, Bettina John aimed to keep in line with the atmosphere of the music and general style of Adigun’s work. The result is a monochromatic and dynamic costume image inspired by work wear and the starck lines of modern architecture.

Tony Adigun sketch



Another piece John and Adigun collaborated on is an adaptation of the 1977 dance piece Forest by Robert Cohen. Tony Adigun took elements from Cohen’s original and translated them into his own unique language. The newly written score has elements of natural and animal sounds underlaid with electronic beats, which makes watching the piece into a uniquely atmospheric experience.

Bettina John’s costumes reflect the feeling of being outside, in the wild, maybe after a few days of exploring nature. The piece was first shown in March 2015 as part of the 90’s birthday celebration of Robert Cohen.