Oh Well | Deep Purple | Music video | Costume design

Bettina John designed costumes for Deep Purple ‘s music video accompanying the release of their 2021 version of “Oh Well”, a song originally written and recorded by Fleetwood Mac.

“Oh Well” is part of a new Album due to be released in November 2021. “Turning to Crime” is the first studio album by Deep Purple entirely made of songs not written by the band and previously recorded by other artists. It is produced by Bob Ezrin and will be released on earMUSIC.


Directed by: Dan Gibling
Producer: Carl Mason
Production Company: Chiba Film
Cinematographer: Sam Gott Production
Designer: Luke McDonnell
Art Director: Sadie French
Costume Designer: Bettina John
Editor / Colourist: Dan Gibling

The label and management would like to state that nobody from the band or crew, nor members of the media, were hurt during the shooting of the video in Germany in early October. “Everyone knows ‘Oh Well’ is a great song,” Roger Glover says. “Steve did the demo for that one. You never quite know where it‘s gonna go with Steve because he is very inventive. Right up until the point, with a couple of verses in, it was pretty much the same as the original. And then, all of a sudden, it took off like a rocket… in some other space.”